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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lofthouse Cookies

My son's burnt out on his weekend baking lessons. Gonna give it a break. This meant I had to do the one part I thought he would get a kick out of (which is why I chose the recipe from Runs With Spatula food blog :\): the icing and sprinkles.

He wound up just rolling out the dough, cutting shapes out, and finishing up the icing. I took care of the rest, opting to use leftover green icing from another recipe before the recipe icing--leaving it white. The leftover green icing is slightly different in amounts and liquid (cream instead of milk), so the multi-colored sprinkles just bounced off those cookies. I could've colored the white, but was too tired.

I didn't have a smallish, round cookie cutter, so I used some round spare parts of a Pampered Chef frosting gun. The cookies baked unevenly. The first batch smelled burnt, so I just took them out exactly after eight full minutes. But the tops were still pale. Wouldn't you know, the last batch of four came out golden on the top and not burnt smelling, after I almost forgot I left them in the oven longer than eight minutes.

Best of all, this recipe produces two rectangles of dough. We used up the first. The second's in the fridge in case James gets the urge to bake sugar cookies again.

I'm thinking of having him sell these tomorrow to the neighborhood for profit. Why not, right?

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