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Monday, August 29, 2011

Indian curry hit

All it took apparently was for me to mention offhand that Indian curry eases dementia (read it in a Costco Membership magazine). Even though I'd made Aloo Gobi last night and would make broiled curried salmon later tonight, my husband wanted to try out another Groupon for an Indian restaurant located in Fremont, Seattle, a 30-minute drive south from here.

Only trouble was, I insisted on going to UPS and Albertson's to get two big errands done, as previously scheduled. I also flaked out on the time to pick up our son from a playdate elsewhere, and found out only on the drive down to Fremont that we just lost a half hour (we're supposed to pick James up at 7 not 7:30 p.m. Oops!).

We had to find Qazis Rrestaurant -- Indian Curry House and Mediterranean Cuisine -- in a hurry during rush hour traffic, order and wolf down our food in less than 40 minutes, praying they served food fast.

It turned out they did. The food was out of this world, way better than a Seattle Bengal Tiger chain that sucked the last time we had Indian. Also, my friend said it was okay if we were a little late in picking our son up. Aah.

First thing I noticed right off the bat was baba ghanouge under appetizers. It didn't hit me until well into our meal that this was Middle Eastern, not Indian. That's when I realized this restaurant was Indian AND Mediterranean. So they also had hummus, gyros, falafels. Double score.

Baba ghanouge was so creamy, light, and buttery, like a feather, with barely a hint of garlic or lemony tang. It was barely there and perfectly sopped up by the buttery pita (more buttery than a Middle Eastern restaurant would offer, but I'm not complaining). I would so order just this next time, maybe the Mazza (hummus, baba ghannoj, falafel, dolmas, and tabboleh, pita bread) platter, and be done.

As it turned out, the curries we'd ordered were just the right amount. At other Indian restaurants, the curries come in these gigantic tubs. We always have doggy bags for days. But Qazis offers their many, many varieties of curries in these cute, metal, small bowls. Eddie and I finished my Chicken Vindaloo (even at mild, it was hot) and Chicken Makni (simmered in butter, tomato and cream sauce), with our colorful, orange-bespecked garlic naan and colorful, orange-bespecked Basmati rice--all deeply flavorful, yet simply prepared.

Nothing was overly done or heavy, not even the Vindaloo which had a kick but held a mild sophistication. We finished every last bite, save for licking our bowls, except the Basmati rice. The Basmati rice was really the only dish that came large; neither of us were complaining.

Even though we were both pleasantly stuffed--as opposed to vomitous--we had to order the kheer. With the flavorless dish water still in our recent memory from that horrid Bengal Tiger, we dived into our small bowl of rice, coconut milk, nuts, and cardamom. They could've added more nuts, but otherwise, perfection, rich, sweet, flavorful.

Because Qazis is also a Mediterranean restaurant, they offered a lot more than kheer (rice pudding), rasmalai (cheese patties swimming in almond-sweetened milk and cardamom sauce) and gulab jamun (fried milk dough dripping with honey/saffron syrup). There was halvah, baklava, kulfi (Indian ice cream comprised of condensed milk, cream, cardamom, almonds)--what I'm ordering next time, Chai ice cream, coconut almond ice cream, mango pistachio ice cream, NY cheesecake.

We ate inside, way before dinner time, around 5-6 p.m., so there weren't that many people. They were outside enjoying the sun. Some of the owners' children ran in and out from the kitchen. It was comforting, not intrusive, breezy.

I think this shall be my favorite Indian restaurant. We're definitely going back--only when we have nothing else to do but just sit back and really enjoy.

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