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Hi. My name's Carol, and I love food. No, you don't understand. I love food. If I were on the Titanic, I'd be in the galley (kitchen) eating up the chocolate pudding and the roasted quail. I go to most events, activities and parties just for the food. The company and the conversation are secondary. Here, I'll try to document everything that goes into my mouth. Aren't we excited? Oh, hey, are you gonna eat that?

Monday, July 4, 2011

For the Comfort Food

The other night, we went into Finn MacCool's, a hot, happening Irish pub in the U-district of WA, mostly because it was open at 10 p.m. We also hoped to have some killer Irish/bar food.

(Btw, why are there so many Irish pubs serving Buffalo Wings and Nachos? Those aren't Irish and they certainly aren't pub food. Strange.)

We were wrong. How can slices of bread be so bland, Wonder bread in French bread form? Why do people insist on putting celery in beef stew but not enough salt?

Going there got me going for comfort food in a bad way. Today, while thinking we were going for a drive around Seattle, maybe stop by spontaneously at wherever the wind blew, maybe an ice cream parlor, a burger joint, Beth's 12-egg omelettes... we wound up at Crystal Creek Cafe in Bothell, not far from downtown Seattle. We'd been there before this past spring for dinner. It's near a Hilton we stayed at overnight. Such good comfort food.

As soon as I walked in, I saw pot roast on the specials board. That was it. I almost faltered when I saw the breakfast menu as I tend to but in the end, I held firm. Glad I did. The half-order was just right, the pot roast very moist and tender (unlike my husband's tough pork roast, sorry honey), the gravy to-die for, and the half-order enabled me to add a short stack of buttermilk pancakes. I still had to have some kind of breakfast, no?

Everything on our table was comfort food to warm the senses: the pot roast, chili and crackers, cheeseburger and crinkly fries, pancakes, Texas toast, vanilla ice cream for a Coke float, vanilla ice cream with mini-MnMs, raspberry-peach pie...

We had our fill of comfort and then some. After tomorrow's all-American hot dogs and hamburgers--it is 4th of July in the USA, people--I should be cool with having been bad for another month or so.

Until that pot roast comes calling again.

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