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Friday, May 6, 2011

Banana Bread thank-you for Staff Appreciation Week

Driving home yesterday from something or another, it hit me that we only had one more day left of this year's lame Staff Appreciation Week. Lame, because the PTSA didn't schedule anything for us parent volunteers other than helping with vases and flowers on Monday. What happened to the baked goods to feed the teachers? Nothing.

I took it upon myself to bake a banana bread at the last minute last night. I had a lot of other things to do, but this was important. I had three frozen overripe bananas. Only had to thaw those; doesn't take long. Room temperature eggs, microwave-soften butter, then we were on our way.

Oh, and find a recipe to retrofit a limited amount of ingredients.

Martha Stewart to the rescue. Her simple banana bread recipe is really just that. Best of all, I didn't need four bananas, which is one more that I didn't have. Amazingly, I had every ingredient listed, even the sour cream which is usually all gone or one of us forgot to get more. My husband bought a huge Costco tub of it last week. I put it to good use here.

Sour cream is always a good sign in recipes. Like buttermilk, it makes everything more creamy and rich. I'd been searching for a more luscious banana bread. In Hawaii, where I lived before I settled in the NW, offering banana bread to someone is the ultimate in hospitality.

It's just too bad my son's third grade teacher wasn't in today. I ran back after James told me, grinning, and asked the substitute teacher to leave the bag of other Hawaii goodies (the stuff that could last a weekend) for Mrs. Matsumoto, took out my homemade banana bread (with chocolate chips instead of nuts... you never know), and gave that to the office staff.

A staff worker was on the phone when I motioned and whispered to my banana bread for everyone, sitting next to a gigantoid basket of homemade chocolate chip cookies. She looked like she was about to burst--or throw up from overload.

Thank you, Serene Lake Elementary staff!

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