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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big Mario's New York Style Pizza

My husband discovered a new pizza place up in Capitol Hill-downtown Seattle. We live north in the suburbs near Everett. Last night, he asked what our son wanted. Pizza. So he decided to drive all the way down 30-40 minutes through Friday night traffic to try Big Mario's New York Style Pizza take-out.

Big Mario's is fairly new to Seattle, about seven months in. Located in a prime spot on Pike and 10th, near a bar, where the action is.

All I asked for, to supplement the large cheese pie, was a calzone, thinking it would be this small fold-over triangle of cheesy goodness to tide me over until the pizza slices were warmed up in the oven.

I wound up only wanting the gigantic calzone the size of my rear end. It's this half-moon of pizza doughy goodness filled with delicate, creamy ricotta with Mozzarella, dotted with generous slices of Prosciutto ham and basil, and comes with containers of tomato sauce for dipping.

My husband's meatball sandwich was also a stand-out. The texture of these small meatballs was exactly right, from what I remembered of my favorite East Coast place -- Rudy's, now Vito's in Wrightstown, N.J. Not too meaty, not too chunky, not gristly at all, with the right bready fillers to make it light. But Vito's makes their meatballs huge, the diameter of hockey pucks.

The New York Style Pizza itself was alright. Crust was definitely a winner, but something in the tomato sauce lost me, some seasoning that was too heavy and not enough tang.

When we go back, I'm having that meatball sandwich all to myself. And the Affogato, which I've always wanted to try--preferably with my BFF while we people-watch in the noon-day gray of a typical Seattle spring. We'll see.

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