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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melona Ice Bars

I was debating whether to buy my usual green tea mochi ice cream in the freezer section of H-Mart (a Korean/Asian supermarket across from Lynnwood, WA's Alderwood Mall) when I spotted the words on another brand of ice cream treat entirely: "ice bars." Something about ice bars jarred a hidden childhood memory of myself walking the streets somewhere in South Korea with my mom, grandma, and little baby brother. I vaguely remember having the best (vanilla) ice cream cones and ice cream bars of my life there -- similar to the feeling I get when I glimpse Mexican ice cream bars.

My mom was with me, visiting from Hawaii. We were at H-Mart last weekend to do our usual stocking up of Korean ingredients, so my mom could make me my usual childhood meals. She came over and told me she loved the Melona melon ice bar, the green box. I wasn't sure about honeydew melon ice cream, so I added the mango ones (in the orange box).

OMG, Melona ice bars -- both mango and melon, and probably strawberry and banana, the other flavors -- are the best. They're better and more addictive than gelato. They're ice bars but they taste like the creamiest yet lightest, fruitiest ice cream. I glanced at the ingredients, catching skim milk. I don't think they're too fattening for you, either.

For some reason Koreans are into melon flavors. My mom says Melona ice bars are stocked in the gas station stores in Hawaii and are almost always out of stock, they're so popular.

They're real popular with me. My husband prefers the mango ones over the melons. I don't care, I could have the entire box of whatever Melona offers. Try some. You won't need to eat any other ice cream treat, I promise.


  1. Yesterday i was surprised to see Melona in the market i usually go... i only recognized because of the documentary's that i saw on South Korea. When i bought them i was amazed by the flavor!!!! My sister, mother, and brother loved them. Next time i 'm going to get the mango flavored one's for sure!

  2. My name is Shin haru my American name is James I'm Korean and american. My favorite desserts is also melona . But other flavors I wouldn't recommend. I always go to seoul my homeland with my parents. Every year. I love honey dew melon flavour the best . I taste it seen when I was 2 years old . Even though when I'm in high school now I still love melon flavour. I also love banana milk. You should try banana milk on Korean product. But my favorite food is my grandmother handmade Kimchi . Her Kangwondo flavor kimchi is awesome. My mom work as dentist doctor,my dad work as lawyer my 3 big brothers is in final year of pace law school. Next year they will be successful lawyer. I'm also in final year of high school. I applied to cornell medical college. I thinking wanted to be dentist doctor just like my mom.

  3. I also have little brother he also applied to Brooklyn law school. I hope his doing well. He also love melona flavor not like me he love Melon flavor , banana flavor.