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Hi. My name's Carol, and I love food. No, you don't understand. I love food. If I were on the Titanic, I'd be in the galley (kitchen) eating up the chocolate pudding and the roasted quail. I go to most events, activities and parties just for the food. The company and the conversation are secondary. Here, I'll try to document everything that goes into my mouth. Aren't we excited? Oh, hey, are you gonna eat that?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Korean food

When my mom visits from Hawaii, it's Korean food for me. There's nothing like homemade Korean food to warm my stomach, even though my grandma's was always better. Before my mom headed off to gamble at Tulalip Casino, she left me some favorites, including sesame leaves--a childhood staple I hadn't had since childhood. At $1.40 a package, sesame leaves are an expensive treat. When seasoned with soy and some other Asian ingredients, it's like savory spinach and mint rolled into one.

The fish she fries up stinks up the house for a month afterwards, but the taste of the succulent morsels (usually Corvina yellow fish) is worth the strong smell. Then, there's the tofu jigae flavored with octopus, shrimp and crab. It needs salt, and more tofu cubes, but I'll take what I can get.

I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life.

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