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Hi. My name's Carol, and I love food. No, you don't understand. I love food. If I were on the Titanic, I'd be in the galley (kitchen) eating up the chocolate pudding and the roasted quail. I go to most events, activities and parties just for the food. The company and the conversation are secondary. Here, I'll try to document everything that goes into my mouth. Aren't we excited? Oh, hey, are you gonna eat that?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

White Chocolate Pecan Pumpkin Muffins

It's Saturday. Must be baking day. Every time I look forward to losing myself in a favorite hobby -- baking for others -- and every time my feet and legs are dog-tired and cramping. The things we do for art.

I'm currently taking a break. I've finished For the Love of Cooking's white chocolate pecan pumpkin muffins. Don't they look ri-donk-ulous and all kinds of wrong? I had my husband taste-test one of them fresh from the oven because they took way longer than the 15-17 minutes the recipe called for. He said they were cooked through but very moist--the ultimate seal of approval. But I don't think you can go wrong by throwing white chocolate into anything, except maybe spaghetti sauce.

The only thing I really changed was roasting the chopped pecans a little, to bring out a fuller flavor. I also wasn't sure if I was supposed to fill the cupcake liners to the top or leave more room. Either way, the muffins came out fine--looks-wise--if you ignore the divots from all the poking I did to make sure they were thoroughly cooked.

I still have another baking project to complete tonight. It's a healthier version of pumpkin bread for me, for when my PCC zucchini muffins run out and/or I'm craving muffins at night for a snack. I was going to just start in on the pumpkin bread right after the white chocolate pecan pumpkin muffins, but the fresh pumpkin I thawed from the freezer wasn't enough. I still need a little more to equal one cup plus a tablespoon or so. So in go the halved raw sugar pumpkins for fresh roasted pumpkin meat.

Would I rather gorge on the more decadent white chocolate version of pumpkin muffins? You betcha. But it's the pumpkin that I really really want in the long run. Pumpkin and health.

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