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Monday, November 22, 2010

Have Snow? Make Shave Ice!

It up and snowed on us here in Western Washington. The sudden snowstorm canceled all travel plans after school, including a Melting Pot birthday dinner out in Bellevue. But before I gave in to depression, because my birthday sucks, I thought about making shave ice out of snow.

In Hawaii, shave ice (not to be confused with its trashy second cousin twice removed from the Mainland--the crustier snow cone) is a wondrous thing of beauty but impossible to make yourself unless you happen to know how to purchase gigantic blocks of ice and keep it cold.

Here on the Mainland, when it snows, Mother Nature does all the work for you. Without having to lug all the heavy blocks of ice. I had my husband and son go outside and scoop up some fresh snow. I poured sweetened condensed milk over it -- one for me, one for my son -- and went to town.

I suppose you could hunt down the multi-colored syrups too, but I don't particularly like traditional shave ice. The last time I was in Hawaii's North Shore, I went to Matsumoto's for its world-famous shave ice, noticed the sweetened condensed milk, and ordered that. So much better.

Come to think of it, I'll have another right now. Happy ♫ birthday ♫ to ♫♫me!

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