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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rachel's Incredible Banana Pumpkin Bread

Found this recipe from a bloggable life. As usual, I fell in love with the picture, the mention of "moist," and the idea of combining bananas with pumpkin, like it was a new thing.

Mine didn't turn out so golden brown. But the five loaves I made tonight smelled great.

I kept having trouble greasing and flouring the pans. I don't know why. Normally it's a piece of...cake. I had to redo one of the pans. I mean, rewash and re-grease, and re-flour. I hate it when the flour doesn't adhere to the pan even if you put a ton of grease on it. I veered between a spray and butter with paper towel.

In the end, the loaves came out easily, a lot easier than previous times with just the greased pans.

As usual, after the first batch, I began to have second thoughts about doing a second batch. I also noticed I barely had enough sour cream left for a second batch. Plus, maybe I should do the pumpkin-Nutella recipe instead or another new one with white chocolate chips.

I also began to worry because of the large amount of flour this banana pumpkin bread recipe called for: five whole cups. I couldn't find anywhere in the recipe whether to use a stand mixer or not. But found comfort in the "Slowly add the remaining ingredients, mixing until evenly blended" part, which I did. The batter just tasted a little gluey was all.

The first three batches, strictly following the recipe, came out right, exactly as they should. I changed the second batch up a little in that I used a much-bigger loaf pan and a regular 9x5 pan, thus changing the baking times. The bigger loaf pan took forever to finish baking. The sides, when done, felt hard as a rock. Gosh, I hope these are edible and not dried out. Maybe we can toast the slices.

I'm inkling towards trying a basic, simple pumpkin loaf and sticking with that. I think I may have found it too, for the next time.

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