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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orange Blueberry Muffins

These orange blueberry muffins from the Playing House food blog turned out better than I expected. I'd made plenty of blueberry muffins before. They always turn out great, but never quite as golden as these did. Almost smells like cornbread.

I only -- heh heh -- ran into a few problems due to my own negligence. It doesn't matter if I reread a recipe 50 times. If I'm having an off day or am just off, I will mess up some part of the recipe. First off, I unthinkingly brought out the stand mixer ... only to find I didn't need one when I got to the second paragraph calling for me to merely whisk in the flour/baking powder/baking soda/salt.

Then, I went on ahead to the pouring liquids (in this case, the buttermilk and orange juice) in the dry mix part without including the eggs, honey and melted/cooled butter. So, I had to backtrack and add those in after I'd already mixed the dry ingredients with the buttermilk and orange juice. But, I figured since I still had to add the blueberries and stir those in, I'd be good to finish stirring in the liquid ingredients I'd forgotten then.

Got that? LOL.

I also meant to take a picture of the raw batter before putting the baking sheet pan (weird that it calls for a muffin tin on top of a sheet pan) in the oven. Forgot to do that. Went back and pulled the rack out to snap click click. Then, thought I'd forgotten to sprinkle Turbinado surgar on top before putting muffins in the oven, when I reread the recipe. Only after 10 minutes baking, whew.

I should've, in hindsight though, sprinkled the Turbinado before it went into the oven because the sugar crystals were falling all over the oven floor, as the muffin tops were puffed, golden and almost cooked already.

We'll know at tomorrow's Soteria Church service whether these muffins were any good. They smell and look awesome.

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