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Friday, October 29, 2010

Malia's Chili

I just made the best chili in the universe, Malia's Chili. Malia is the wife of a former classmate of my husband's who attended and made batches and batches of her chili for a high school reunion beach potluck last July, at Kailua Beach Park. This chili was so good, I couldn't eat anything else.

For months I pestered my husband to get me the recipe. He finally tracked her down via Facebook and got me this:

Here's the recipe (but not sure about the measurements so adjust to your own taste):
4 lbs. ground hamburger
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 small can tomato paste
2 small cans tomato sauce
2-3 cans dark kidney beans
garlic salt
chili powder (3-4 tblsp.)

Brown hamburger with garlic and onion. Drain out oil. Add cans of tomato paste and sauce, garlic salt. Bring to simmer. Add chili powder (more or less according to taste), and some water as chili powder within thicken a bit. Add kidney beans. Let simmer for about 10 minutes. Cover.

As I bought and gathered the ingredients in preparation for this Halloween weekend (chili and hot dogs), I began to question some of the amounts. Do I really need four pounds of ground beef? (In my case, ground turkey.) That seemed like an awful lot, compared to some past chili recipes. I'd already plotted to just use one pound then freeze the rest.

Don't do it. I used all four pounds. You need to. You'll see if you make this. It's real chili, in that it's thick with meat and the tomato sauce mostly thickens and cooks out.

I even questioned the use of tomato paste. It's too sweet for me. But somehow its sweetness balances off nicely with the spice. The recipe is pretty basic. You can augment it with what you enjoy in chili. I enjoy canned and fresh chilis, so I put those in, in addition to a can of Rotel's diced tomatoes and green chilis. For the water when the chili powder thickens the mixture, I added leftover chicken broth instead, not a lot.

I need only taste a little to know this is exactly what I had--give or take a few perks, viva cilantro!--in Hawaii last July. Thanks, Malia.

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  1. Love the pix, Carol. I'm a big fan of Malia's chili. Made it and modified it by adding corn and sliced hot dogs!