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Hi. My name's Carol, and I love food. No, you don't understand. I love food. If I were on the Titanic, I'd be in the galley (kitchen) eating up the chocolate pudding and the roasted quail. I go to most events, activities and parties just for the food. The company and the conversation are secondary. Here, I'll try to document everything that goes into my mouth. Aren't we excited? Oh, hey, are you gonna eat that?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jazz Alley Menu - Meze

This time around, I got to finally try a cup of Jazz Alley's Avgolemono Soup (Greek lemony soup with chicken and rice). Almost two weeks ago, I was here catching my husband in his Steely Dan tribute band show with saxophonist Tom Scott. I tried to order the soup with my steamed Manila clams appetizer and Pane (rustic bread with olive oil), but my server at the time advised against it -- deeming the mere cup of soup overkill. She was right. But ever since, I plotted to go back for the soup and something else.

Tonight, I attended the Manhattan Transfer show, their first set in their first show (in a tour promoting their Chick Corea Songbook CD release), at a friend's suggestion (she's the girlfriend of one of the singers, Tim Hauser). We missed each other, but I had the glorious little cup of soup. It was just the right tang of lemon, not too much, with a bland cushion of rice and chunks of tender chicken.

By the time I got halfway into my Mediterranean Meze - tzatziki, hummus, roasted eggplant, some frisee, sliced cucumbers, roasted peppers, olives that tasted of warmed-over body fluids (sorry, not a black olive fan), and pita - plate -- a bargain at $12.50 in this pricey downtown Seattle establishment (main courses are well over $20)... I was almost sick full. The last time I ordered the Meze, it was disappointing. I think it was a year ago for a band I can't remember now. Flavorless, bland, rancid-tasting olives.

It was way better this time around. The tzatziki I mistook for sour cream blended nicely with the tang of the vibrant hummus and mini-chunks of roasted eggplant. The pita was actually warm not stale, and I could taste meaty flavors in the olive oil, salt and pepper blend. But it was rich, too.

Most people go to Jazz Alley for the world-class musicians, bands and singers. I go for the food, with the acts as a mere side dish... even though Manhattan Transfer blew my mind with their vocalese.

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