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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chocolate Swirl Pound Cake (for Eddie's birthday)

I'd run across Evil Shenanigans' recipe for Chocolate Swirl Pound Cake months before. But being lazy, I dismissed using it to satiate my husband's lifelong craving for his mom's swirl bundt cake, because it required a 10" loaf pan and I only had the 9".

Today's officially my husband's 48th birthday, so I wanted to surprise him with a chocolate and vanilla swirl pound cake of some sort and went back on this initial recipe. It's almost foolproof. There's no swirling the chocolate batter (cocoa, water and batter) into the vanilla batter, no muss, no fuss.

Just layer some of the vanilla batter on the bottom, spread the cocoa batter on top leaving 1/4" edge all around, and then top with the remaining vanilla batter, covering the chocolate. Real easy.

Target and Fred Meyer didn't have the 10" loaf pan. But Wal Mart did. The pound cake just came right out, smoothly, leaving no crumbs or pieces of cake behind. But I'd really greased the loaf pan well.

Best of all, Eddie came home before 1 a.m. tonight to enjoy a slice. He deemed it just as good as his mom's bundt cake. But I'll store the bundt cake idea for a future recipe hunt.

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