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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brooklyn Bros Pizzeria

Many pizzerias outside New York purport to be authentically East Coast style, with the NY-speak and the NY logos. Including Brooklyn Bros Pizzeria in downtown Everett, WA.

Are they? Authentic, I mean? Sort of. But I'm a very hard judge of pizza character. I originally came from N.J. and Connecticut, raised on the best pizza, hoagies, and spaghetti and meatballs. Brooklyn Bros is decent enough pizza (they don't yet serve pasta, unless the owner, who's from the East Coast, comes in special). It's just not, say, an original Joe's or even Bizarro's in Melbourne, FL.

Because I'm such a fan of Pagliacci, we hardly ever go downtown to Everett for Brooklyn Bros. We did last night after a family soccer practice, at my husband's suggestion. He likes the place slightly better than I do. When we arrived, one of the staff asked us to test-taste garlic knots with marinara dipping sauce they were trying out. Not bad. In NY, the garlic knots have more butter and way more garlic, but the marinara had a light coating of Parmesan (which I love and Eddie hates) and was sufficiently, deeply tomato in flavor. Maybe a little too greasy.

We came here for the cheese pizza, and cheese pizza we had. My husband and son inhaled about three slices each, while I was still working on my small mixed greens. I barely finished my slice and two garlic knots before I was full.

The clerk came over to chat. He told us that nobody, not even he knows the ingredients of the marinara sauce they use for the garlic knots, only that it's different from the pizza sauce. He gave us more before we left.

If I remember to come here again, I might break the mold and try their Sicilian slices, with something more than just cheese on top.

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