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Hi. My name's Carol, and I love food. No, you don't understand. I love food. If I were on the Titanic, I'd be in the galley (kitchen) eating up the chocolate pudding and the roasted quail. I go to most events, activities and parties just for the food. The company and the conversation are secondary. Here, I'll try to document everything that goes into my mouth. Aren't we excited? Oh, hey, are you gonna eat that?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Banana Cookies (?!)

Maybe it's me. I simply don't care for soft cookies. These banana cookies from Simply Recipes are soft, like muffies (cross between cookies and muffins). My son James, 8, tried one, making a face at first, then asking for the other half of the cookie back to finish it on second thought.

If he likes it, it has to be good. I just think he's pecans.

The weird twist about this recipe is, you don't put the baking soda in with the sifted flour and spices, you put it into the mashed bananas, which help the cookies puff up and rise. I may have put a little extra mashed banana (3 instead of 2 1/2), because I was too lazy to measure.

It's a rainy weekend. I may go pecans and make homemade stock, then a basil dumpling chicken soup tomorrow.

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