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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nutella Swirl Muffins

Today's the day I make my boys (husband and son) their own cake, a classic yellow cake with milk chocolate (from four Hershey bars) frosting. That's fine. But then I remembered I wanted my husband, who works in a church band, to bring in something for the congregation to snack on with their coffee tomorrow morning. What to do. What to do. At first I figured I'd double the yellow cake recipe and make cupcakes, but ran into another question mark with the frosting. I didn't feel like grocery shopping for more chocolate (I have my period, enough said). Maybe a vanilla frosting. Those are gonna be an awful lot of cupcakes--maybe I can halve...

This is when I randomly picked a recipe from the pending pile and found myself baking Nutella Swirl Muffins.

Definitely doable, since I have about a million jumbo Costco jars of Nutella (my son is a Nutella fiend). So, after I put my yellow cake batter in the oven, I worked on the Nutella batter. The only tricky part is swirling the Nutella in with the yellow batter of each muffin without messing up the cupcake liners (pink, natch) too much. I did alright.

The muffins came out unevenly baked (I blame the metal muffin pan I got caught in between a drawer and the underside of the oven trying to pull it out and bending it all kinds of ways). But the Nutella swirled inside and on top should make up for any dry ones.

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