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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Starbucks Pumpkin Bread Clone #3

The pumpkin breads came together at the last minute. All the way up until I'd made guacamole at around 7 p.m. earlier on Friday, I was debating and debating. Then, in a flash, I thought, what the heck, let's do it. I have to go out to get Pagliacci Pizza for dinner near downtown Edmonds anyway. While there, I might as well go to QFC across from PCC to pick up the milk, pumpkin seeds and organic unsalted butter I'd need to complete this recipe, from wegottaeat's Wendy Harlow.

There were three recipes vying for my attention. Hers, another Starbucks clone I'd baked for the school's Staff Appreciation Breakfast, and one from RecipeZaar, which I hadn't used in over a year. I wanted a recipe that was more cakey in texture than simply dense with lots of pumpkin puree and egg and little else that's liquid. That ruled out the RecipeZaar. I kind of liked the volumes of baking soda and baking powder Harlow used, as well as the mix of brown and white sugars. So I went with her recipe in the end.

None of these clone recipes ever listed pumpkin seeds as toppings. But at Starbucks (and I should know), they top theirs with roasted pumpkin seeds. Starbucks doesn't put dark-chocolate pieces in its pumpkin bread, but I did. Hopefully, pumpkin and chocolate go well together, 'cause I didn't want it all to be walnuts.

Beware. Watch the oven closely. Go by your sense of smell. I smelled the two loaves were done five to three minutes before the 70-minute recommended time. They're cooling on the rack now. One of them's for the friends we're hanging out with tomorrow, or maybe both.

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