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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shortbread Hearts and Circles

It's the oddest things that often catch my attention, then I'm craving all the lifelong day. Two weeks ago, I was enjoying myself at a friend's house eating grilled Mexican carne asadas. But it was the dessert that did me in. Store-bought, thick shortbread hearts drizzled with white and semi-sweet chocolate.

Immediately, I looked up Ina Garten's version at Food Network, and today, went about preparing them. Adjusting for heart- and circle-shaped cutters, and whatever leftover chocolate pieces in the pantry (semi-sweet and bittersweet).

When I went to roll out the chilled dough, I almost gave up. No matter what I did, the dough shattered in my hands. Maybe I didn't chill it long enough. Maybe I didn't mix it long enough. What if the two seconds of high messed with the texture? How the heck am I going to firm and smooth this crackling dough? Somehow, my mind went on automatic and I kept trying. Instead of trying to roll the entire flattened disk, I took pieces out, working slowly, gently with that, molding as best as I could, trying to get that smoothed-over texture.

I managed to cut out enough hearts and circles (remind me to invest in a smaller, cylinder shape like Ina's) to feed my sugar-crazed family, with a small ball that just wouldn't adhere which I snacked on. Nothing like raw sugar dough. So good.

As for the chocolate covering, I didn't know whether to dip half like Ina did (which looks weird on gigantic hearts and circles), so I did one like that, covered a few others just on the fronts, and then drizzled the rest, as the recipe originally calls for.

FYI: try to roll out the same height of dough, or else some of the shapes will burn on the bottoms like some of mine did. Right now, they're cooling and hardening on my kitchen counter--if my husband can wait long enough.

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